Are you a lady? (Any kind of lady!) Are you a painter? (Any kind of painter!) Join us! It's free! Send three images of your work (no bigger than 4MB) to be added to the Lady Painter website and for projection on the wall at the Lady Painter party. Include a link to your website or Instagram (it's optional, no pressure!)

Chicago Lady Painters meets up several times a year to hang out. The last party was Sunday, March 24th 2024 from 1 to 4pm at Goldfinch Gallery. Please bring a small painting for our painting swap at the end of the party (completely optional, but lots of fun).

Chicago Lady Painters is the project of Gwendolyn Zabicki. Years ago, she attended the original Lady Painter Parties in New York hosted by Jenn Dierdorf and Kelsey Shwetz. The parties were named after the wild, glamorous biography of Joan Mitchell, written by Patricia Albers. Years have passed, but the goal remains the same- to create a place for genuine community, connection, and joy.